Swimming & Lifesaving

A club that values his students and teaching the value of Respect and Sportsmanship..

Founded in 2001 by Mr. George Lee Song Choo , its started with a simple idea of swimming and lifesaving education and bonding his many schools of students to come together as one to enjoy the sport. 

His former lifesaving student , Calvin Cheng than help Mentor George to draft his idea of an Eagle holding a rescue aid in year 2000

He than asked his Mentor : " Why such an idea?"

Mentor George Lee replied: 

"We Lifesavers / Lifeguards guard the swimming pool, beach, or any aquatic facility with our eyes and mind. Sports Eagle have a bird's eye view and with a Rescue aid in its "claws"  shall rescue anyone in distress"

"Eagles are also loyal creatures and protect its family well, i hope the next generation will continue to be respectful to their elders, teachers and peers alike. Continue the good values we impart to our family of Swimmers and Lifesavers"

Mentor George have since trained many capable Lifesaving students into Teachers and Examiners

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