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Grand mentor George Lee (1st row right) with his Singapore Polytechnic Lifesaving team in 2009 at Malaysia Invitational lifesaving competition
(Photo courtesy of SP Lifesavers)

Congrats to our Mentor Lee Minghan Isaac for his achievement of attaining the Singapore Lifesaving Society, Top Lifesaving Promoter/ Outstanding Lifesaving Instructor award for year 2015 & 2014. Thank you for all former and current students that engage our services .



National Lifesaving Championships  2014 @ Sentosa Palawan Beach!
Sports Eagle this year only send a team of 4 Handsome Male Lifesavers to participate in 3 events.
Congratulations to Teoh Kang Lun & Alex Chng for clinching GOLD in both Beach Sprint and Beach Flag event respectively.
Well Done !

2nd Day of competition
Congratulations to:
Ladies Manikin Relay team of :
Ms. Shayna Wong, Ms. Chow Yan Teng, Ms Esther Lieu & Ms. Grace Chan for clinching the Bronze Medal

The Men Team for clinching the Overall Men ‘B’ division title

The whole Team for clinching the Overall Team ‘B’ division title


1st Day of competition

Congratulations to:

Ms. Mylene Ong for clinching the Gold Medal for the 200m Obstacle individual race

Mr. Pan Yong Zhi fro clinching the Gold Medal for the 12.5m Rope Throw event

Mr. Brandon Boon for clinching the Silver Medal for the 200m Obstacle individual race

Ladies Obstacle team of :

Ms. Shayna Wong, Ms. Chow Yan Teng, Ms Esther Lieu & Ms. Mylene Ong for clinching the Bronze Medal

Youth Category (Below 17 years old ):

Ms. Zena Teo came in 1st for 50m manikin carry

Ms. Grace Chan came in 1st for 200m obstacle swim

Mr. Keok Hong Ling came in 1st for 200m obstacle swim

Manikin relay  team of:

Ms. Eileen Leong, Ms Varsha, Ms Grace Chan & Ms. Zena Teo came in 1st

Obstacle Relay team of:

Ms. Eileen Leong, Ms Varsha, Ms Grace Chan & Ms. Zena Teo came in 3rd

Well Done Team Sports Eagle !

How we begin in Lifesaving Sports….

It started with a passion from Mentor George Lee S.C and Trainer Isaac Lee …. An awesome and passionate team gathered since 2007 ….

Team 2007…


Team 2009…



Ms. Christel Fung clinch an unprecedented 8 Gold medals in both the Pool and Open Water events in the National Lifesaving Championship 2009 ! Of course with her awesome team relay team of Ms. Goh WanTing, Ms. Tjua Xinying, Ms. Ang Hua Yee.

Sports Eagle Lifesavers is proud to have a “Michael Phelps” in Singapore Lifesaving Sports


When Mentor Isaac Lee volunteer to coach 3 teams:
Yio Chu Kang CSC Swimming & Lifesaving Team
Sports Eagle Lifesavers – 3rd Overall Team @ National Lifesaving Championships 2009
Singapore Polytechnic Lifesavers – 5th Overall Team @ National Lifesaving Championships 2009


Team 2010…


A new beginning for year 2014….

It started off this year 2014, January… when a group of students would like to take up Bronze cross open water award

To celebrate 15 years of Lifesaving coaching.. Mentor Isaac lee decided to book lanes and give free usage for his bronze cross students to practice fin swimming and selected weak students to train with fins for 2 months.

Thereafter, the current Award of Merit and Distinction students are interested and mention briefly why not try out this year Nus Lifesaving invitationals..

Being a veteran coach who also assist Singapore Polytechnic Lifesavers to 2 Overall ‘B’ Division title in 2011 & 2012 at the NUS invitational Lifesaving Championship.

Mentor Isaac Lee mentioned why not let the younger generation Captain this time round as this maybe be his last few term being as Team Manager .

As he wish to focus on volunteer as official for Swimming & Lifesaving Competition events and developing the next team manager for sports eagle.

Mr. Daryl Leong, former student of Mentor George Lee was appointed to captain the 2014 Lifesaving team

Former team members, Ms. Vienna and Mr. Irving rejoin the team in April 2014 and assist the youth team to know their events

Our board of directors wish to express their heartfelt thanks to Mentor Isaac Lee, Mr. Daryl Leong , Ms. Vienna Chen, Mr.Irving Chen and team members for representing Sports Eagle Pte Ltd

Wishing the team all the team for the best for the upcoming competitions !

Don’t miss out ! Olympic Swimmer Ms. Mylene Ong & Sea Games Open Water Swimmer Mr. Brandon Boon representing Sports Eagle Lifesavers !


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